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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxed focus. It is a natural state. In fact, each of us enters such a state - sometimes called a trance state - at least twice a day: once when we are falling asleep, and once when we are waking up. That kind of fuzzy, timeless state between dreaming and awake.
Many people leave their first hypnotherapy session saying, "I wasn't hypnotized - I knew what was going on the whole time!" Hypnosis is not a state of amnesia or of no awareness. Just the opposite is true, in fact: hypnosis is a state of very heightened awareness.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis to create positive change in your life. There are many techniques and many styles and many applications of hypnotherapy. They all have several things in common: 

(1) a strong desire to change, 

(2) a state of deeply relaxed focus, 

(3) visualization in relationship to emotions

I don't like the idea of having my mind being controlled.

You will always remain in control, you cannot be forced to do anything that would present itself to you as being against your own morals and ethics ( In fact you would be shocked out of the hypnotic state immediately if any such action was suggested to you).
The silly things that you may have seen on stage or TV are contrived situations and you will always be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect by myself ( The British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists has a strict code of ethics, conduct and practice). One of the areas that is forbidden by the BSCH is that of stage hypnotism as it is felt that it demeans and devalues the great work and help that hypnotherapy can offer. The skill of the hypnotherapist is to work with you, with you in control to bring about the changes that you are looking to make.

Is there any cause at all for concern?

None whatsoever. Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid.

Will I know what's going on?

You will be fully aware of what is happening. Discussion to the expectation of the client and what they are looking to achieve and the process of hypnotherapy will take place. Many people remember the details of the session, but it does not detract from the impact of the therapy if the client does not consciously hear every word the therapist says.

So I am not asleep then?

No, you will just be very relaxed and your awareness will be enhanced, not dulled. You will not be asleep in the normal sense; an altered state of awareness is experienced which is both relaxing and comfortable. Some people feel as if they have not experienced treatment as they were fully aware of what had been happening and what had been said when in actual fact their mind had entered an 'altered state' and the therapy had been completed in the session.

What if you can't hypnotise me?

This is a common question which could be construed as asking "will it work for me?" As long as you listen to the instructions given by the hypnotherapist you can't fail to be hypnotised; generally the only people who can't be hypnotised are those who don't understand the instructions or who don't want to be hypnotised. Everyone is different when it comes to the application of hypnotherapy , the response levels do differ from person to person.

Isn't Hypnotherapy dangerous?

Some people have heard that you can go into trance and not wake up. Or that the hypnotherapist can make you do things you don't want to do. These things are untrue.
Of course, you will want to choose a hypnotherapist that has been well schooled and that is trustworthy; one that gives you confidence. Hypnotherapy is a safe and beneficial procedure.

How many visits will I need?

It varies, one session is often enough. Simple therapy areas , such as smoking, nail biting, slimming, pre-test nerves etc; usually require a single session depending on the individual. For more complex and thorough situations that may require more 'analytical' rather than 'suggestion' therapy then realistically you will need to come for two, three or sometimes many more sessions, again depending on the individual. It is surprising how powerful only one session can prove to be in making very satisfying positive transformations.

Can you guarantee me a cure?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and it is not professional to offer one. However, you can be assured that as a fully trained professional I can indeed guarantee that I will bring all my skills, knowledge, experience and ongoing training to bear in bringing you lasting relief in your particular situation.
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, in truth, and no hypnotherapist can make you do something that you really don't want to do. That's why some people can be hypnotised to stop smoking and yet they still smoke. You have to want the change, agree with the change, and then hypnotherapy is a natural instrument for helping make that change better, faster, and permanent.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

My treatment fees are £60 per hour for all my treatments and therapies. 

For smoking the charge is £195 which comprises one session for one and a half to two hours where I also employ Bioresonance treatment to detoxify your body of nicotine leaving you without any cravings, see Stop Smoking for more details. 

My commitment is as strong as yours for you to finally quit this habit once and for all, completely, permanently and forever!!!

Do you teach self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is taught and promoted for all clients. In reality, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist simply facilitates the process. So it isn't unusual to "pick up" on how to enter this marvelous relaxed state by yourself after only a few sessions.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful life skill for the modern person. There is a great deal of stress to be handled in today's work environment, schools, and society in general. Self-hypnosis, at the most basic level, is wonderful for de-stressing, calming, and restoring a healthful energy to your body. It gives a sense of control and connectedness to your mind and body that support confidence and success.
After becoming more skilled in self-hypnosis, you'll find that it can help you maintain motivation and peak performance, as well as health and vigour. It can help you make clear decisions. It is incredibly powerful to be able to discover what your subconscious beliefs and patterns are and be able to change them at will. You can literally design your life! Cope with almost any problem. Remain more calm and centred in day to day life. You can design your patterns and beliefs to propel you to your highest goals and to your vision of success.

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